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wei duo had to retire after dinner People do not reuse moral deceive ourselves, marriage and family crisis, in addition to many amoral than moral factors. Family crisis caused by China is an important reason is that the lack of psychological marital communication. Most of the couple's sexual activity is one thinks. I'm fine, do not worry. Li Zi Yan began to realize that Kocho stood beside their own. Then how does a person depressed? Was not Guye he bullied you, or are you not accustomed to here? Kocho followed Li Zi Yan around there quite a few years, Li Zi Yan's mind was exceedingly thorough understanding. In your daily schedule in time to arrange a practice tuba, tuba as if you and your practice must do every day is equally important, you will have enough time every day to practice it can be trying to find a let you concentrate on the place fixed daily exercises. Such as long tones, or do some simple technical exercise, these warm-up training as a routine,
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just like an athlete, as in you play before the first let your brain and muscle activity up to every practice setting a goal and Each practice time and the progress recorded to practice hard in the classroom as well as the difficulties pointed out the difficulties of the band spectrum segments until you can play them perfectly not only their own individual practice,
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but also to set aside part of the time along with supporting accompaniment CD ensemble in training towards the end of each practice, you can play some interesting music of their favorite little hope to cultivate an interest in the music of the road you can reap wonderful life book is for Band standardized training course in the first volume All the band exercises. Can be used in practice, can also be used when performing solo or ensemble accompaniment.. Changchun is being held on the fourth meeting of the eleventh, the Provincial People's Congress Liu Hua city Chuanying 25 primary school principals recommendation to change the current nine-year compulsory education to 12 years, Zhao Hua Chuanying example, she say, the area only three public kindergartens, each can only accommodate two three hundred children. But Chuanying to park there are thousands of children of all ages. Public kindergartens resources can not meet the demand, which led to large numbers of private-run kindergartens, private kindergartens facility is equipped with the teacher quality and security aspects are often unsatisfactory,
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said Zhao Hua, preschool education is the key period for this stage the impact of a child's life are great, the relevant departments should be adjusted according to status mode of education preschool children she pointed out that China's nine-year compulsory education since 1985 has not been adjusted, the current should be gradually liberalized.

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